Solidisk 2M128 RAM Manager

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The original formatted manual
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Last modified: Mon Jun 14 16:44:13 EDT 2021

Back In The Day (BITD) I had a Solidisk 2M128 board.  This was quite
a powerful board and added B+/Master type memory to a model B.  It also
added 4 more ROM slots.

RAM was configured for banks 4,5,6,7 and banks C,D,E,F.

Banks 4,5,6,7 could also be configured to behave like SRDATA
Banks C,D could also be configured to behave like a print buffer
Banks E,F could be configured for shadow mode

Some of this was hard coded into the board (C,D,E,F) some of it was
basically software (the Solidisk Manager ROM).  Unfortunately the
Solidisk ROM had a few bugs and was a little limited, so I wrote
my own.  I stole some of the original code, added stuff of my own,
fixed bugs and enhanced things.  

However I was pretty bad at _documenting_ the source.  Ugh.  And it
seems the assembler I used was limited to 6 character label names, which
made it a little hard to follow.

Roll forward to 2013 and I now have a second Beeb with a Steve Picton
SWR board.  This doesn't do shadow or buffers, and doesn't have RAM
banks in the right place.  But the core code was still useful, and I
did some binary editing of the ROM to allow it to work.  Eventually
I converted the source to beebasm format, attempted to document it.
I also tried to remove the components that wouldn't work except with
STL components, via IFDEF sections.  And added ability to correctly
detect FLASH ROM as ROM, rather than RAM.

So the following code got stripped out (via options)
  *TV handling
  SRDATA routines
  Shadow RAM
  Print buffers
The commands
OSWORD &78/&79/&7B (Soldisk RAMdisk) removed

*SRLOAD/*SRSAVE modified
OSWORD &42/&43 should also be fixed

The attached tar file has the following files:
  MANAGER       - My ROM assembled for STL 2M128
  MANUAL1       - The original user guide in WORD format
  MENU          - Modified Solidisk MENU program
  README        - This README
  SOLIDISK.ROM  - The original Solidisk Manager ROM
  manager.src   - the source code for my ROM, in BeebASM format
  manual.txt    - the original user guide, formatted


Update 2013/06/05

UPURSFS code has now been installed.  For details of what UPURSFS is,
please see
It is enabled with the HOSTFS define.  Two new source code files
have been included:
These come directly from the UPURSFS code, with one line change:


Update 2013/08/24

*TUBEON and *TUBEOFF have been added.
Basically, if *TUBEOFF is entered then a ?&27A=0 is done at BREAK time
which disables the TUBE.  Mostly, anyway!


Update 2013/10/20

In the Makefile if compiling UPURS then change the USER_PORT base value.
  sed -e 's/SWEH_EXTENSION = TRUE/SWEH_EXTENSION = 200/' -e 's/USER_PORT = .*/USER_PORT = \&FC11/'

This is mostly for me 'cos I have UPURS on a 2nd user port


Update 2013/11/05

Split out the config variables into separate files
  solidisk.src - suitable for STL 2M128 Board (UPURS,SOLIDISK)
  ctory.src - suitable for CTORY RAM/ROM board.  Also BBC Master with OS1.20
  beebem.src - what I use in BeebEm (HOSTFS)

Make hostfs "filesystem select" key be U 'cos RAM MANAGER already uses TAB