Michael Brown's "30th Anniversary BBC and Electron Collection" disks

On the stardot forums Michael Brown has been putting together a collection of games disks. The collection has grown massively.

A zip file containing every disk is available here

A BEEB.MMB file containing every disk (with a very bad menu) is available here

This is an index of the games disks he's posted.

Index last updated: Friday, 12-Jul-2024 23:04:30 EDT

Disc Last Updated Forum Post Contents
Disc001.zip2022-05-06Forum post
Banana Man		 Bug Blaster		  Cylon Attack (A&F)(STD)  Demon Decorator
Felix In The Factory	 Hunchback		  Killer Gorilla	   Meteors
Missile Control		 Monsters		  Planetoid (AKA Defender) Q-Man
Rocket Raid		 Snapper (V2)		  Space Adventure (Pro)	   Super Invaders
Swoop			 Zany Kong
Disc002.zip2022-05-03Forum post
Alien Swirl		 Arcadians		  Blagger		   Canyon Battle
Carousel		 Centipede (AKA Centibug) Chuckie Egg		   Dogfight(2P)
Felix And The Fruit Mons Frogger (Superior)	  Galaxians		   Hopper
Road Runner		 Snooker (Acornsoft)(2P)  Spectipede		   Star Soccer (AKA Five-A-
Starship Command	 Vortex
Disc003.zip2024-07-05Forum post
3D Munchy		 Alien Dropout		  Aviator		   Battle Tank
Escape From Moonbase Alp Fruit Machine (Superior) Gorf			   Maze Invaders
Moon Raider		 Mr. Shifter		  Munchyman		   Noc-A-Bloc
Pinball Arcade(STD) (D)	 Smash & Grab		  Space Invaders (Superior Tetrapod (AKA Star Swarm
Uncle Claude		 Zalaga
Disc004.zip2022-06-21Forum post
3D Bomb Alley		 Cosmic Fighter		  Croaker		   Cybertron Mission
Danger U.X.B.		 Escape From Orion	  Free Fall		   Ghouls
JCB Digger		 Jet Power Jack		  Microbe		   Overdrive
Pengo			 Snake (Arcade Action)	  Supergolf		   The Mine
Transistors Revenge	 Wallaby
Disc005.zip2024-05-19Forum post
Astro-Tracker		 Attack On Alpha Centauri B.C. Bill		   BMX On The Moon
Castle Assault		 Cowboy Shootout	  Dare Devil Denis	   Demolator
Fortress		 Fruity Freddy		  Gunsmoke		   Laser Command
Mr. Ee!			 Painter (A&F)		  Q*bert		   Tarzan
Twin Kingdom Valley(STT) Winged Warlords
Disc006.zip2022-07-19Forum post
3D Space Ranger		 Challenger		  Cosmic Cruiser	   Digger
Felix Meets The Evil Wee Frak!			  Heist			   Hell Driver
Laser Reflex(C/B)	 Mineshaft		  Mr. Wiz		   Plutonium Plunder
Pole Position		 Protector(J)		  Rocky			   Space Fighter
Stock Car		 Zarm
Disc007.zip2021-08-11Forum post
Airlift			 Caesar The Cat		  Corporate Climber	   Dambusters
Eagle Empire		 Galaxy Wars		  Invaders (Secta)(STD)	   Jack & The Beanstalk
Jet-Pac			 Lemming Syndrome	  Martian Attack	   Missile Base
Pool Hall(2P)		 Space Pilot		  Star Striker		   Star Warp
Swag!(2P)		 Zany Kong Junior
Disc008.zip2021-08-11Forum post
3D Grand Prix		 Boris In The Underworld  Bouncer (AKA R*Ther)	   Bumble-Bee
Crazy Painter		 Crazy Tracer		  Dune Rider		   Fairground
Galaxy Raiders		 Meteor Mission		  Percy Penguin		   Planes
Positron		 Saloon Sally		  Space Jailer		   Spaceman Sid
Volcano			 Web Runner
Disc009.zip2021-08-11Forum post
180! Darts(2P)		 3-D Space Raider (AKA Sp Blockbuster (Micro Power Boxer
Castles Of Gems(Sets 1 & Eddie Kidd Jump Challeng Firebug		   Football Manager(STD)
Jet-Boot Jack		 Jump Jet		  Karl's Cavern		   Ledgeman
Mr. Wimpy		 Pedro			  Sea Lord		   Son Of Blagger
The Guy In The Hat	 The Hacker
Disc010.zip2021-08-11Forum post
Alien Destroyers	 Asteroid Belt		  Atic Atac		   Bird Strike
Blitzkrieg		 Brian Jacks Superstar Ch Cosmic Kidnap		   Galactic Commander (Spac
Galactic Firebird	 Gisburne's Castle	  Maze (Acornsoft)	   Neanderthal Man
Nemesis			 Roboman		  Rubik Cube		   Star Maze
Tempest			 Thunderball(2P)
Disc011.zip2021-08-11Forum post
Aqua-Attack		 Beeline		  Checkout		   Copter Caper
Cosmic Asteroids	 Drogna(2P)		  Jet Boat		   Manic Miner
Microcosm		 Pengwyn		  Q-Man's Brother	   Robotron: 2084
Rubble Trouble		 Sabre Wulf		  Skyhawk (Pace)	   Space Rescue (Alligata)
Tales Of The Arabian Nig The Sorcerer
Disc012.zip2023-02-03Forum post
Asteroid Storm		 Bandits At 3 o'Clock (Do Banjax		   Bug Eyes
Combat Lynx		 Cosmic Combat(2P)	  Diamond Mine		   Er*Bert
Geoff Capes Strong Man	 Knight Lore		  Magic Mushrooms(STD)	   Monaco
Nightworld		 Screwball		  Space Hi-Way		   Space Invaders (Pro)
Spooks And Spiders	 Ultron
Disc013.zip2021-08-11Forum post
A Maze In Space		 Alien 8		  Caveman Capers	   Chicane
Contraption		 Cube Master		  Eagle's Wing		   Flip! (The Cartoon Strat
Frenzy			 Kissin' Kousins	  Mr Mephisto(STT)	   Neutron
Nutcraka		 Snooker (Visions)	  Space Invaders (Bug-Byte Spitfire Command
Star Battle(2P)		 Wizadore
Disc014.zip2021-08-11Forum post
3D-Tennis		 Ant Killer		  April Showers		   Castle Quest
City Defence		 Custard Pie Fight	  Deathstar		   Guardian(E)
Hi-Bouncer		 HuBert			  Invasion Alert (Games Ga Labyrinth (Acornsoft)
Micro Olympics		 Pengi			  Scrumpy		   Ski Slalom
Super Pool		 The Evil Dead(C/B)
Disc015.zip2022-02-21Forum post
3-D Tank Zone		 Bug Bomb		  Donkey Kong Junior	   Drain Mania
Electron Invaders(E)	 Forbidden Fruit	  Gnasher		   Growing Pains (Fistful O
Jump-Jet (Anirog)(+J)	 Ladder Maze(STD)	  Orpheus And The Underwor Paranoid Pete
Pirates In Space	 Repton(P)		  Revs			   Savage Pond
Sim			 Zorakk The Conqueror
Disc016.zip2021-08-11Forum post
Alien Break-In		 Asteroids Deluxe	  Beach-Head		   Boffin
Bouncer (AKA Space Bounc Chip Buster		  Hell Force		   Match Day
Mutant Spiders		 Nifty-Lifty		  Pantry Antics		   Space Hawks
Star Drifter		 Strike Force Harrier	  The Devil's Domain	   The Red Arrows(C/B)
Turbo			 Wongo!
Disc017.zip2021-08-11Forum post
Blockade (War At Sea)	 Citadel		  Crypt Capers		   Gold Digger
Gyroscope		 Nightmare Maze		  Omega Probe		   Phantom Combat
Proteans		 Repton 2		  Side Fighter		   Space Intruders
Stranded (Superior)(STT) Sub-Strike		  Tapper		   The Weetabix Versus The
Web-War			 Wet Zone
Disc018.zip2022-02-15Forum post
Android Attack		 Arcade Pinball		  Commando		   Crawler
Drunken Dan		 Fat Man Sam		  High Rise Horror	   Jeremy Goes Jumping
Lode Runner(Edit) (STT)	 Merry Xmas Santa	  Night Shade		   Sea Wolf
Sentinel		 Sorcery		  Spy Hunter		   Steve Davis Snooker
Sub Killer		 Tomahawk
Disc019.zip2022-11-23Forum post
Acid Drops		 Boffin 2		  Caterpillar (IJK)	   Chrysalis
Confuzion		 Crystal Castles (LE)	  Dodgems (Arcade Action)  Ewgeebez
Fire Hawks		 Fruit Worm (Games Galore Ghost Hunter		   Panzer Assault
Q*boyd			 Slicker Puzzle		  Spaceguard		   Staircase Stampede
The Way Of The Exploding Yie Ar Kung-Fu
Disc020.zip2024-06-27Forum post
3D Maze			 Astro Plumber		  Asylum		   Bug Eyes II
Flex			 Frankenstein 2000 (V1)	  Jungle Jive		   Karate Combat
Missile Strike		 Moon Cresta		  Oblivion		   Shark Attack
Stairway To Hell(D)	 The Genesis Project	  The Horse Lord	   The Sting
The Wizard		 Up Up And Away
Disc021.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Alien Intruders		 Arena 3000		  Bruce Lee		   Desperate Dan's Dungeon
Diamond Mine II		 Elite(D)		  Galactic Wipeout	   Grid-Cycle(2P)
Loony Lander		 Moon Mission		  Robot Ronnie		   SAS Commander
Sinbad			 Space Station Alpha	  Sphenisciformes	   The Guns Of Navarone (Su
Walk The Plank(E)	 Wendy Goes Walkies
Disc022.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Atlantis		 Bomber Scramble	  Bounty Bob Strikes Back! Creatures Of The Deep
Gauntlet(E)		 Harbour Command	  Light Cycle (PSS)	   Mister Freeze
New Blagger		 Quad Wrangle		  Ravage		   Renegade Robots
Run Silent		 Space Invaders (Arcade A Stix			   Swarmers' Revenge
Warp-1			 Wizzy's Mansion
Disc023.zip2022-11-21Forum post
Breakout (Arcade Action) Chuckie Egg 2		  Condition Red(P)	   Cruncher
Estra			 Fruity Tooty		  Galactic Patrol	   Humphrey
Invaders (Model A)	 Lunar Jetman (Cosmic Bat Manic Mechanic	   Maze Mauler
Moon Buggy		 Painter (AKA Pyramid Pai Quasimodo's Quest	   Ravenskull
Siege			 Space Pilot Test
Disc024.zip2023-02-22Forum post
Atomic Protector	 Auf Wiedersehen Pet	  Christmas Antics	   Death Watch
Funfair			 Impossible Mission	  Killapede		   Mutant Invaders
Plegaron People Eaters	 Psycastria		  Repton 3(P)		   Snake-Pit
Space Bandits		 Space Rescue (Super 7)	  Strykers Run		   Swamp Monsters
Tennis (Bug-Byte)	 Thrust
Disc025.zip2021-12-11Forum post
Chopper Chase		 Cricket (Bug-Byte)	  Eagle			   Electron/BBC Golf
Galaforce		 Jet Set Willy		  Joey			   Kane
Leapfrog (IJK)		 Palace Of Magic	  Rig Attack		   Snapman (Classic Arcade
Snorter			 Sphere Of Destiny	  Star Clash		   Street Machine (Smash 7)
The Dambusters (U.S. Gol Wonder Worm
Disc026.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Beebmunch		 Bill Bounces Back!	  Bouncer (Super 7)	   Cred Breaks Out!
Darts (Superior)(2P)	 Duck!			  Ice Hockey		   Kix
Lazer Cycle		 Leapfrog		  Looney Lift		   Morfix
Spectramania		 Thunderstruck		  Vegas Jackpot		   Video's Revenge
Wiggles			 Yoyo!
Disc027.zip2024-03-04Forum post
(The Tombs Of) Tutankham 3-Deep Space(3D)	  Airwolf		   Birds Of Prey
Dino And The Saurus Race Dr Who And The Mines Of  Exterminator		   F.S.S. Liberator
Firechief		 Goal!			  Invaders (Model B)	   Jack Attack
Kitchen Capers		 Mad Monty		  Mikie			   Network
Pharaoh's Curse		 Play Your Cards Right
Disc028.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Asteroid Miner		 Astroblaster		  Bozo And Beebo	   Bugs(E)
Croakit			 Downhill Racer		  Gimpo			   Grabit
Greenham Common		 Hunkie-Egg		  Ian Botham's Test Match  Interstellar Raider
Pandemonium		 Sliding-Block Puzzles	  Stratobomber		   Templeton
Vindaloo		 Yie Ar Kung-Fu II
Disc029.zip2022-11-30Forum post
Aabatron		 Atom Smasher (Romik)	  Battle Planet		   Caterpillar (Gemini)
Chukee-The Upgrade For C Crazy Balloon		  Hyperdrive		   Imogen(STD) (P)
Jet Set Willy II	 Missile Control (GND)	  Nutter		   Professor McBrolly
Quasimodo		 Rescue Mission		  Scramble		   Shadowfax
Snail Trail		 Swarm
Disc030.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Cavey			 Cosmonaut		  Crazee Rider		   Despatch Rider
Future Shock		 Gatecrasher		  Green Beret		   Hunkidory
Mango			 Missile Attack		  One Last Game		   Paperboy
Powerboat Racing	 Raid Over Moscow	  Stellar Rescue	   Super Barricade(2P)
The Maze		 Trench
Disc031.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Astro Navigator		 Bar Billiards		  Barrel Battle		   Blocker
Cops n' Robbers		 Galactic Invasion	  Jedi Battle		   Legend Of Tarzan
Liberator		 Mined Out		  Night Strike(E)	   Roboto
Space Caverns		 Star Wars		  Starquake(P)		   The Last Of The Free
Uridium(C/B)		 Xor
Disc032.zip2021-08-25Forum post
3D-Dotty		 Ally Pally		  Alphatron		   Bouncing Bill
Chieftan(J)		 Codename : Droid (Stryke Dune Hunter		   Manic Mole!
Mr. Do			 Return Of R2		  Skyhawk (Bug-Byte)	   Southern Belle(STT)
Space Ranger (BBC Bonanz Space-Lords(2P)	  Starforce Lander	   System Wadgebury(Edit) (
Tetris			 The Train Game
Disc033.zip2024-06-28Forum post
3D Convoy		 Apple Pie		  Bomber Baron		   European Knowledge
George And The Dragon	 Graham Gooch's Test Cric Grand Prix Construction  Haunted House(E)
Plan B			 Spitfire Flight Simulato Spy vs Spy		   Star Maze II
Super Green Gloop Gulper Teletext Invaders	  The Perils Of Percival P The Survivors
Video Card Arcade	 Wall Destroyer
Disc034.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Birdie Barrage		 Crunchback		  Elixir(D)		   FireTrack
Gulp!			 Intergalactic Trader	  Labyrinth (Beebug)	   Loona Rescue
Plan B 2 - Mission Unlik Pogo Pete		  Polar Perils		   Q*Bert's Revenge
Rik The Roadie(E)	 The Ghouls Of Azzod	  The Sentinel(P)	   Thunderstruck II
Trapper			 US Drag Racing
Disc035.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Blobber			 Bouncing Benny		  Crazy Caves		   Dead Or Alive
Diamond Pete(E)		 Frogger (A&F)		  Horse Race		   Krakout
Magic Eel		 Mayday (Bevan)		  Panik			   Saracoid(E)
Solitaire (MRM)		 Spellbinder		  Spitfire '40(STT)	   Squeekaliser
Trafalgar		 Wizard's Castle
Disc036.zip2023-08-09Forum post
3D Tanx			 Arkanoid		  BoneCruncher(D) (P)	   Daley Thompson's Super-T
Grid Runner		 Invasion Force(E)	  Jouster		   League Challenge(STT)
Monkeynuts		 Mouse Trap (Tynesoft)	  Orlond's Meanies	   Pyramid Painter
Revenge Of The Flying Bu Spooksville		  Starfleet Encounter(STD) Statix
The Empire Strikes Back	 Video Fruit Machine
Disc037.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Blip! (AKA Video Classic Centipede(STT)		  Cosmic Camouflage (PIAS  Creepy Cave
Froglet			 Jam Butty		  Lawn Tennis(2P) (J)	   Missile Command (C&VG)
Omega Orb		 Pitfall Pete(STD)	  Quest			   Ripton(P)
Robotron		 Saigon			  Save Your Bacon	   The Golden Figurine
Wall			 War(C/B)
Disc038.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Anarchy Zone(P)		 Bandit			  Boulder Dash		   Chichen-Itza
Detonator Dan (AKA Bomb- Dodge'Em		  Eye vs Eye(2P)	   Hercules
Joe Blade		 Loco Motion		  Plankwalk		   Rondaxians
See Emily Play		 Shark			  Skramble		   Snake (Computer Concepts
Syncron(P)		 Zenon
Disc039.zip2024-07-07Forum post
3-D Asteroids		 Bed Bugs		  Breakout (IJK)	   Bunfun
Cubert (Beebug)		 Froggy			  Galaforce 2 (PIAS 6)	   Golf
Joe Blade 2		 Kourtyard(STD)		  Mega Force(E)		   Rock Run (AKA Boulder Cr
Space Attack(2P)	 Space Maze		  Superman: The Game	   Warehouse
Whoopsy			 Ziggy(STD) (D)
Disc040.zip2021-08-25Forum post
Astro Wars		 Block Breaker		  Bouncer (A&B)		   Diamonds
Dominoes (Blue Ribbon)	 Evening Star(STT)	  Exile(+R)		   Fruit Worm
Loony Loco		 Maniac			  Micro Ball		   Pod-Man-Joe
Ransack!		 Return Of The Jedi	  Runemaker - Codename: Dr Smarty Berty
Ultron (Viper)		 Uranians
Disc041.zip2021-09-21Forum post
Boat Race		 Cavern Capers(E)	  Darts (MRM)(2P)	   Dingbat
Ghosts			 Hell-Hole(E)		  Impact!(P)		   Orbital(P)
Pendragon		 Posidroid		  Psycastria 2		   Spycat
Super Sharks		 Tazman			  The Big KO(STD) (P)	   The Frog
The Hunt(STT)		 Wizalon
Disc042.zip2024-06-21Forum post
Black Box		 Breakthrough(P)	  By Fair Means... Or Foul Centipede (D. Griffin)
Clogger(P)		 Crack-Up		  Eldorado Gold		   Indoor Soccer(2P)
Maelstrom		 Omega			  Ribbet		   Shanghai Warriors
Shuggy's Garden		 Space Arena(2P)	  Sphere Of Destiny 2 (Fab Storm-Cycle
The Kremlin		 The Mad Muncher
Disc043.zip2022-06-21Forum post
Barbarian(2 Parts)	 Bouncer (C&VG)		  Brick 'Em In		   Chuckie Egg 4
Corpuscle		 Fighter Pilot (Kansas)	  Galactic Invaders	   Gideon's Gamble
Grid Runner II: The Blob Gunner			  Hobgoblin		   Parachute
Serpent's Lair(E)	 Sleigh Bells		  Snaker		   Subway Vigilante
The Living Daylights	 The Saga Of Erik The Vik
Disc044.zip2021-09-21Forum post
3D Pool			 Crawler (C&VG)		  Emerald Isle(STT)	   Galex-Vaders
Holy Horrors(STT)	 House Of Horrors	  Jump Jet Assault	   Las Vegas
Magic Wall		 Mega-Apocalypse	  Millipede		   Monster Maze
Qwak! (PIAS 10)(P)	 Rumble(2P)		  Spheroids		   The Life Of Repton(P)
The Manhole Game	 White Knight (Mk11)
Disc045.zip2022-08-08Forum post
Arcade Soccer		 Blast!			  Breakout (AKA Breakthrou Chess (Micro Power)
Frantic Farmer		 Grand Prix (TD1)	  Light Cycles (Paean)	   Moon Buggy (Computer Gam
Neuzone			 Pharaoh's Tomb		  Predator		   Repton Thru Time(P)
Sea Adventure		 Tank Attack (GEM)(J)	  The Gate		   Wee Shuggy
Woks!(E)		 Wolfpack III
Disc046.zip2021-09-21Forum post
Around The World In 40 S Bandits		  Cowboy Shootout (MBC)	   Explorer Eddie
Harrier			 Kitchen Chaos		  Laser Cycles		   Perplexity(P)
Skirmish		 Star Fighter Pilot	  Swordmaster(2P)	   Tanks
The Alien From Outer Spa The Great Wall		  The Master(2P)	   The Wishing Wells(E)
Tutankhamun's Revenge(Ed White Knight (Mk12)
Disc047.zip2024-04-30Forum post
Baron (PIAS 11)		 Burger Time (Beebug)	  Camelot (PIAS 9)	   Cat And Mouse
Colossus Chess 4.0	 Flash (Fun Games)	  Fruit Machine (Simonsoft HunchBack (PCW)
Keychase		 Light-Cycle		  Mega Monsters		   Megarok
Olsen			 Pipeline(D)		  Rabbit Run!		   Scrambler
The Stolen Lamp(STD)	 White Magic
Disc048.zip2024-06-21Forum post
3D-Snooker		 Ballistix(P)		  Balloon Buster	   Dennis In The Mines
Fruit Machine Simulator	 Hobgoblin II		  Knockout(E)		   Krazy John
Lunar Escape		 Miner Bill		  Missile Defender	   Purple Turtles
Q*Bix(E)		 Repton Infinity(Edit) (P Sitting Target	   Skoogs
The Wheel Of Fortune(D)	 Trainiac
Disc049.zip2021-09-21Forum post
Alien Chase		 Android		  Antix			   Armoured Tom's
Blast-Out		 Boot Hill(2P)		  Gambit(2P)		   Gunfighter
Karate(2P)		 Orcrest		  Pipe Mania(P)		   Pipeline!
Star Port (PIAS 14)	 Superior Soccer	  The Key Man		   Trackman Game
White Magic 2		 Winter Wonderland(STD)
Disc050.zip2024-06-21Forum post
Abyss			 Atom Smasher(E)	  Caterpillar (Beebug)	   Chopper (AKA Cutter)
Circus (Your Computer)	 Draughts (Computer Conce E-Type		   Eliminator(E)
F14 Tomcat(D)		 Flipper		  Gridd Worz		   Helter Skelter(STD)
Klax			 Maze Man (Go)		  Reversi (Superior)	   Scrabble
Tank Attack (CDS)(2P)	 Wild Fruities
Disc051.zip2021-09-21Forum post
Chase			 China Drop(STT)	  Dennis On The Farm	   Glider Pilot
Grand Prix (Your Compute Inertia		  Johnny Reb(STD)	   Licence To Kill
Mr Freeze(E)		 Pearl Harbour		  Polaris		   Prison(STD)
Q-Man (A&B)		 Robot Attack		  Sea Wolf		   The Fall Of Rome
The Lost Crystal(D)	 The Prisoner
Disc052.zip2024-06-27Forum post
Beastiroids		 Bird Basher		  Bobby Charlton Soccer(D) Castles Of Sand(STD)
Cellars			 Chess (Acornsoft)(STT)	  Crystal Castle	   Farmer 'Jo'
Honeybug		 Ogles			  Ossie			   Pacman
Pentominoes (Beebug)	 Pro Golf(Game 1 or 2)	  Sim City(STD)		   Super Fruit (Dk'tronics)
Tanks! (Salamander)(2P)	 The Five
Disc053.zip2021-09-21Forum post
1984			 747 Flight Simulator(Sid Airbrush		   Brain Teasers
Bullseye(Edit) (2P)	 Cyborg Warriors (PIAS 15 Fawkes Run(E)		   Froot Raid(E)
Galactic Attack		 Grebit(E)		  Monopoly(2P)		   Moon Patrol (Beebug)
Ricochet(D) (P)		 Robin And Marian	  Shuttle Pilot		   Snake (Kansas)(E)
Space Debris		 Tubes!
Disc054.zip2021-09-21Forum post
Chess(STD)		 Crystal Sea		  Dracula		   Draughts (Acornsoft)
Flappa Catcha		 Gateway		  Gold Bank		   Hyperball (PIAS 13)
Loopz(P)		 Lunar Lander		  Maniac Mower(E)	   Money-Maze (TD10)
Pooperpig		 Reversi (Acornsoft)	  Snake Maze		   Time Bomb
Wiggler			 Winter Olympics
Disc055.zip2021-09-21Forum post
Air Raid		 Barbarian II: The Dungeo Cluedo		   Countdown
Destron			 Doctor Who: The First Ad Egg-The Upgrade	   Fred Drip
Grand Prix (Beebug)(2P)	 Haunted House		  Laser Range		   Missile Jammer
Omniopoly (AKA Monopoly) Paint Roller!(E)	  Robin Of Sherwood	   Scruge
Smash The Windows	 The Miner
Disc056.zip2021-09-21Forum post
Battle Of Britain(D)	 Battlezone 2000	  Commonwealth Games '86   Dickie Brickie
Difendor		 Hunchback Rescue(E)	  Light Cycle		   Lunar-Lander (MRM)
Martian Attack (PCW)	 Playbox(E)		  Plunder		   Quad
Rock Fall(STD)		 Slippery Sam(E)	  Space Panic		   Spiderman
Tanker			 Wordsearch
Disc057.zip2021-09-21Forum post
Backgammon (CDS)	 Blockade!		  Chicken Feed		   City Smasher
Contract Bridge		 Darts			  F-111B		   Infinity(D)
Island Adventure	 Lander			  Monkey Maze		   Munchman(E)
Pipe Loonacy		 Quasimodo (Beebug)	  Randall Rabbit(E)	   Robo Brain
Shuttle Simulator	 Winter Olympiad '88
Disc058.zip2021-09-21Forum post
Astrorun		 Beverly Hills Cop	  Bunny Blitz		   Dallas
Dauntless Dave		 Digger (Beebug)	  Duck!			   Eggs
Grid Warrior(E)		 Hi-Q Quiz(2P)		  Hostages(P)		   Pentominoes
Row Of Four		 Sidney Squirrel	  Snackman		   Snakes
Treasure Rally		 Zombie Island
Disc059.zip2024-06-27Forum post
Air Attack		 Apollo			  Bombed - The Gate II	   Breakfree
Caveman(E)		 Curse Of The Middle King Defuse		   Ebony Castle
Four In A Line(2P)	 Grandprix (A&B)(2P)	  Indoor Sports		   Octavia(E) (P)
Omniscient		 Paras			  Plasma Bolt		   Spooks 'n' Spirits
The Last Ninja		 Villains
Disc060.zip2023-08-15Forum post
Baby Monty		 Balls!			  Beeb Chess(STT)	   Caterpillar (C&VG)
Dungeon			 Dunjunz(Rx2)		  Haunted House (A&B)	   Knight Quest
Mazemunch		 Millionaire		  Minefield (Beebug)	   Pear Picker
Pirates(STD)		 Poker			  Quadline		   Scan
Timebomb(E)		 Vertigo (PIAS 16)(P)
Disc061.zip2021-10-09Forum post
Bar Maze		 Chesster(E)		  Chimney Drop		   Cute To Kill (Beyond Inf
Drainstorm		 Draughts (Superior)	  Flags			   Go
Helicopter		 Icarus(D)		  Landfall		   Ludo(2P)
Maze Eater		 Q*Bill			  Space Escape		   Tank Battle(2P)
Tenpin Bowling(2P)	 Tipaka
Disc062.zip2024-06-07Forum post
Arena:6502		 Astefix		  Blackjack (Casino)	   Blockbusters(2P) (D)
Bomber (C&VG)		 Brickie Nickie		  Diamond Quest		   Formula 1
Harvey Headbanger(2P)	 Invert			  Last Ninja 2		   Munchman (Beebug)
Poker Dice (Statasoft)(2 Race Chase (PCW)	  Roman Empire		   Tapeworm(STD) (E)
Tetron(E)		 Xanagrams
Disc063.zip2024-06-07Forum post
Balloon Fun		 Beeb-Beep		  Blockbuster		   Draughts (Logic)
Footer(2P)		 Formula One		  Gold Run(D)		   Honest Joe(STD)
Kensington(2P)		 Olympic Decathlon	  Pontoon (Superior)	   Revs 4 Tracks
Robokill(E)		 Roller Coaster		  Roller-Invaders	   Skulls
Skypilot		 Storker's Run(E)
Disc064.zip2024-05-10Forum post
747 Flight Simulator (DA Adventure(P)		  Balls Of Destiny	   Devil's Causeway
Dodgems (C&VG)		 Five Alive		  Fruit Catcher		   Galactic Landers
Jason Mason		 Jigsaw Puzzles(STD)	  Pursuit Ship		   Snacker
Space Shuttle Pilot	 Starship Discovery	  Stupid Cupid		   Swan Trap(2P)
Tactic (PIAS 17)(P)	 Test Match/World Cup Cri
Disc065.zip2024-06-28Forum post
Blackjack		 Brainstorm(2P)		  Braz(E)		   Builder Bob
Burger King(E)		 City Bomber		  Cribbage		   Entropy
Fighter Pilot (PCW)	 Fruit Machine(E)	  Happy Puppy		   Invaders(STD) (E)
Reversi (Computer Concep Time Lapsed		  Treasure Hunt(D)	   Watch Out
Where?			 Wizard 2
Disc066.zip2021-10-09Forum post
Attack			 Black Jack		  Boot Hill (HCW)(2P)	   Bounca Ball
Car Race		 Caterpillar (Your Comput Circus Games(D)	   Jumpers
Main-Line		 Maze(E)		  Mechanic 'Mike'	   Monstermania (AKA Monste
Nevryon(P)		 Parky's Peril(E)	  Rock-Race		   Rondo
Satellite Havoc		 Squark
Disc067.zip2024-03-27Forum post
Avenger			 Ballooning		  Bridgehead!		   Caterpillar (Computer Co
Cubert			 Fire! (AKA Fire Rescue)  Man-Hole		   Micro Olympics (Splanger
Millipede		 Odd-Ball		  Sorcerer's Domain(STD)   Star Hawks
Tanks!			 Tennis / Walltrap(2P) (J The Saint		   Wallball(J)
Wallie's Castle		 Wilfred The Warlock
Disc068.zip2024-06-11Forum post
Castle Of Nightmares(STD Colossus Bridge	  Confrontation(STD)	   Cosmic Containers
Dungeon Quest (Computer	 Exiz(+R)		  Fernando The Flea	   First Moves Chess
Four In A Row		 Frogger (AKA Freeway Fro Fruit Worm (TMU)	   Helicopter Holocaust(2P)
Hippo Quest		 Loopy Loop		  Pettigrew's Diary(D)	   Space Base
Splurge			 Surround
Disc069.zip2021-10-09Forum post
2002			 Block Blitz		  Castle Fear		   Fall Out
Galactic Empire		 Hacker 2000(STT)	  HatTrix		   Helpful Harry!(STD)
Hunchy (Your Computer)(E Martians		  Moving Maze		   Omegas(P)
Phantom			 Power Raider		  Satellite Havoc II	   Search & Rescue
Spider Chase		 The Great Escape
Disc070.zip2021-10-09Forum post
Crazy Clowns		 Danger Dog		  Duck Shoot		   Dugdig
Galaxian (PCG)		 Holed Out!(Rx2)	  Hunger Alley		   Hungry H(STD)
Mole!			 Orchard		  Pass Go (AKA Tycoon)	   Q-Master(D)
Roller Rally		 Stuntman		  Tetriz		   The Arena(E)
Wacky Bats		 Zedon(+R)
Disc071.zip2024-05-10Forum post
737 Flight Simulator	 Alien Invasion		  Caterpillar (Romik)(E)   Cholo(D)
Citadel 2 (PIAS 18)	 Cosmic Guerrillas(E)	  Cylon Attack (AKA Cylon) Hold Up
Hunchy (PCN)		 Insect Invasion	  Lander (PCN)		   Licenced To Kill(E)
Minefield (Computer Game Picture Slide		  Solitaire (Beebug)	   Special Operations(STD)
Tron(2P)		 Witch Hunt
Disc072.zip2021-10-09Forum post
Bio-Chip(STD)		 Blue Meanie		  Bouncing Bomb Chase(E)   Dictator
Flitty Flea		 Football Krazy		  Grand Prix (HCW)	   Holed Out! (Extra Course
Jetcar(E)		 Klect(2P)		  Kung Fu Master(2P)	   Letter Collector
Mr Plum			 Push-The-Bale		  Redcoats(STD)		   Robot Chase!
Snakes And Ladders(2P)	 Wheeler Dealer(STT)
Disc073.zip2024-06-23Forum post
A Day At The Races	 BlocBusta		  Dominoes		   Egg Head
Helicopter Rescue	 Hyper Sports		  Minefield (PCN)	   Missile Attack(E)
Paul Daniels' Magic Show Peg Leg(E)		  Rally Driver(E)	   Robot
Roller Ball		 Space Garbage		  Stop! Thief!		   Stuka!
The Shapes Game		 Tron II
Disc074.zip2024-05-19Forum post
Area Radar Controller	 Bomb Disposal(E)	  Candyfloss		   Chan Visits The Wock Fac
Chickaroo(STD)		 Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz Helicopter Squadron	   Holed Out! (Extra Course
Jigsaw(D)		 Letter Puzzle		  Lunar Bug		   Morris Miner
Mr. Doo			 Snakes & Ladders	  Star Wars (Fighter)	   Tommy And The Toadstools
Tower Of Alos(STD)	 Zeus(STD)
Disc075.zip2021-10-09Forum post
(Super) Hangman		 Banana-Drama		  Bees Away		   Blockbusters (Domark)
Doodlebug		 Dunefighters(2P)	  Dynamite		   Frogs 'n' Dogs
Hectic Henry!(E)	 Mars Lander		  Mazechase		   Meteors (Your Computer)
Psychic Asteroids	 Rollerball(2P)		  Summer Olympiad	   Truffle Hunt
Vampire(2P)		 Wizblob
Disc076.zip2023-06-16Forum post
Cavern Quest		 Colditz		  Constellation		   Cosmic Clash
Dragon Rider		 Elevasion		  Hangman (Sigma)	   Infection
Missile Command (Your Co Moon-pod(E)		  Nightflite		   Reversi
Space Battle(E)		 Space City		  Spiders & Ladders	   Star Trader(STT)
Trek(STT)		 Who Dares Wins 2(D)
Disc077.zip2024-05-10Forum post
Ball Lightning		 Crazy Ball!		  Have You Lost Your Marbl Heathrow Air Traffic Con
Inheritance		 Marble Pyramid(E)	  Pentiles		   Planetarium
Pontoon (IJK)		 Slay The Dragons	  Space Chaser		   Space-Warp
Sprog!(E)		 Squares		  The Caves Of Traal	   Trivia Quiz(STD)
UIM(R)			 Zombies
Disc078.zip2021-10-09Forum post
Awari			 Badd Egg		  Balltrap		   Bomber (Salamander)
Earth Battle		 Garden Trouble		  Hanoi			   Hat Race(2P)
Hedgehog		 Loopy Loop II(2P)	  Meteor Storm		   Mower
Navigator(E)		 Race-Chase		  Rodeo Games (AKA Buffalo Spacewar
Trivial Pursuit (Genus E White Widow
Disc079.zip2024-03-27Forum post
Alien-Destroyer		 Beebvaders		  Bertie		   Dog Fight (Bug-Byte)(2P)
Father Christmas	 Get Set Santa(E)	  Hunt The Numbers	   Maze
Miner			 Moon Patrol (TMU)	  Phoenix		   Santa's Sleigh
Sea-Battle		 Shoot-'Em-Up(J) (STD)	  Sorcerer's Domain II(STD Space Hawk
Starwars (AKA Star Encou Waiter!
Disc080.zip2024-06-27Forum post
3-D Noughts & Crosses	 Bomber (Your Computer)	  Cat-Napper		   Chinese Chequers
Connect 4(2P)		 Darts (Your Computer)(2P Fair Play		   Footballer Of The Year(S
Indy 500		 International Megasports Maze Duel(2P)		   Nightmare Park (John Hen
Ohio			 Rabid Rider(STD)	  Raving Roller(E)	   Roobix Timepiece
Splat The Rat!		 Volt Zone(E)
Disc081.zip2024-03-27Forum post
Alien 32		 Bomb-Out		  Bomber		   Break Down
Catacastles(2P)		 Cycles(2P)		  Easter Maze		   Fighter Patrol
Fly			 Galaxian (Software Invas Nightmare Park(STD)	   Powerplay(2P) (D)
Robol			 Slatter		  Super Fruit		   Tex 'n' Dan(E)
The Banana Game		 Wall Of Death
Disc082.zip2021-10-20Forum post
Backgammon (TMU)	 Battleships		  Beebmaze		   Cycles
Dive-Bomber		 Explosion(2P)		  Gladiator		   Grid Iron
Mine Sweeper(STD)	 Monsters Gold(E)	  Pontoon (Snailman)(STD)  Reverse Coins
Reversi			 Splash!		  Superman: Man Of Steel   The Yellow Rock Caverns
X-15			 Zap(E)
Disc083.zip2024-04-22Forum post
3D Bowling Alley	 Beebug Draughts	  Block-In		   Cybot!
Falklands Bombing Raid	 Fruit Machine (Bug-Byte) Gomoku (MBC)		   Grid Iron 2
Helichopper		 Maze (Acorn User)	  Maze-Man (VCG)	   Noughts And Crosses
Patience		 Rover			  Rubik's Cube		   Solitaire (E.J. Allen)
Spooky House Adventure	 Starfire
Disc084.zip2021-10-20Forum post
3D Dog Fight(2P)	 Androidz		  BBC Mastermind(STD)	   Barny-Bee
Beeb Invaders		 Blobo			  Cave Flight		   Cubit(E)
Dogfight (PCW)(2P)	 Hangman (Blue Ribbon)	  Jumbo			   Mouse Trap (Your Compute
Radium(E)		 Samantha Fox Strip Poker Shuffle (AKA Sliding Blo Super Fruits (Beebug)
Terras 5		 Waterloo
Disc085.zip2021-10-20Forum post
Amazed Knight		 Audax			  Beebgammon		   Black-Holes
Cheese			 Code Breaker		  Colony		   Corn Cropper
Cricket (AKA Howszat)	 Egg Mania(E)		  Golf (Bug-Byte)	   King Kong
Labyrinth (C&VG)	 Pontoon (H. Soft)	  Power Boats(E)	   Snip Snap
Sporting Triangles	 Train Trouble(E)
Disc086.zip2021-10-20Forum post
Battle 1917(2P)		 Black Widow II		  Enigma		   Flying Sorceror
Fruit Machine Game	 Goblins		  Great Britain Limited(ST Invasion Game
Million Mazes (A-Maze-in Para-Invaders(E)	  Paranoid		   Pyron Slayer
Revenge Of The Snowmen(2 Santa On The Tiles(E)	  Santa's Slip - Up!	   Santa's Workshop(E)
Tomb Of Syrinx		 Zuyder Zee
Disc087.zip2024-06-21Forum post
Airline			 Darts			  Draughts (TMU)(2P)	   Duel(2P)
Escape			 Fruit Machine (Computer  Heat-Seeker		   Identify Europe(Edit)
Master Break		 Poker Dice (Micro Power) Reaction Tester	   Roll Of Honour
Roulette		 Shape Match(2P)	  Space Pilot (TMU)	   Swimming
Tennis			 Vultures
Disc088.zip2021-10-20Forum post
'Owzat(Edit)		 B. Clough's Football For Battlefields(Edit)	   Bridge Challenge(E)
Bridge Master(Edit)	 Crypton(E)		  Dungeon Quest(E)	   Escape The Goulogs
Knights Game		 Masterbrain		  Mindbender		   Pinball
Protector		 Quiz Quest(STD)	  Reversi(E)		   Star Force Seven
Super Digga(E)		 Turf-Form
Disc089.zip2024-06-21Forum post
A Question Of Sport	 Air-Traffic Control Simu Alien Blaster		   Bomb Alert(E)
Champions!		 Football Director(STD)	  Gold Mine		   Hilo
Maltese Cross		 Megaroids		  Micro Derby		   Microgo1
Roving Robot		 Snap-Dragon(2P)	  Space-Blaster		   System-8(STD)
The World Travel Game	 Transport Android: Rovin
Disc090.zip2022-05-23Forum post
Aliens			 Arc Pinball		  Backgammon (TG)	   Blockade (Beebug)
Bomber Strike		 Gridman		  Hangdroid		   Higher Or Lower
Mazebugs(E)		 Moon Rescue(E)		  Red Alert!(2P)	   Reversi (Micro Power)
Shove Penny(E)		 The Boss(STT)		  Tower Bridge		   U.K. PM.(E)
Wordmaster		 World Geography
Disc091.zip2021-10-20Forum post
Adventure 1: Adventurela Adventure 2: Pirate Adve Castle Of Riddles(STT)   Dragon Quest(STD)
Gremlins(STD)		 Hampstead(STT)		  Hitch Hiker		   Legion Adventure(STT)
Lost City		 Questprobe-One: The Hulk Quondam(STD)		   Red Moon(STD)
Secret Sam-1		 Secret Sam-2		  Seek			   Sphinx Adventure
The Wizard's Challenge(S Woodland Terror(STT)
Disc092.zip2021-10-20Forum post
Adventure		 Adventure 3: Secret Miss Adventure 4: Voodoo Cast Blue Dragon(STT)
Colditz Adventure(STT)	 Katakombs		  Kingdom Of Hamil(STT)	   Old Father Time
Snowball(STD)		 Supergran(STD)		  The Eye Of Zolton(STT)   The Ring Of Time(STT)
The Seventh Star	 The Shrinking Professor' The Sorcerer's Kingdom(S Time Travel
West(STT)		 Xanadu Cottage(STD)
Disc093.zip2022-10-12Forum post
Adventure 5: The Count(S Adventure 6: Strange Ody Chark			   Dragons Tooth(STD)
Hex(STT)		 Kayleth(STD)		  Labyrinths Of LaCoshe	   Magic Adventure #1
Philosopher's Quest(STD) Runestaff(STD) (E)	  Star Trek Adventure(STT) Super Spy Flint
Terrormolinos(STT)	 The Golden Baton(STT)	  The Time Machine(STT)	   The Worm In Paradise
Woodbury End(STT)	 Zor's Revenge: Ring Of T
Disc094.zip2021-10-20Forum post
Adventure 7: Mystery Fun Adventure 8: Pyramid Of  Arrow Of Death (Pt.1)	   Caveman
Classic Adventure	 Colossal Adventure(STD)  Escape From Ebony Tower( Gateway To Karos(STT)
Horror Castle		 Masters Of The Universe( Mission-XP2(E)	   Questprobe 2: Spiderman(
Return Of Flint		 Return Of The Warrior	  The Hobbit(STT)	   The Prophecy
The Staff Of Law	 Xanadu Adventure
Disc095.zip2023-05-11Forum post
Adventure		 Adventure 10: Savage Isl Adventure 9: Ghost Town( Countdown To Doom(STT)
Denis Through The Drinki Firien Wood		  Flint Strikes Back	   Flint's Gold
Mayday			 Pony Express(E)	  Questprobe 3: Fantastic  Return To Eden(STT)
Temple Of Terror(STD)	 The Five Stones Of Anado The Kingdom Of Klein	   The Nine Dancers(STT)
The Puppet-Man		 Wychwood
Disc096.zip2021-10-20Forum post
Adventure 11: Savage Isl Adventure 12: The Golden Aladdin		   Arrow Of Death (Pt.2)
Castlemaze		 Dracula Island(STD)	  Escape From Pulsar 7(STD Island Of Xaan(STD)
Space Adventure 1: Missi Spooky Manor		  Stranded On Iloofrax(STT Survivor
The Crown Jewels(E)	 The Greedy Dwarf(STD)	  The Haunted Abbey	   The Pen And The Dark(STT
The Philosopher's Stone	 Tomb Of Death(E)
Disc097.zip2021-10-20Forum post
A 32K Universe		 Adventure 13: Claymorgue Adventure 15: Buckaroo B Banished Prince(E)
Circus(STD)		 Dungeon Adventure(STT)	  Fantasia Diamond(STT)	   Franklin's Tomb(STD)
Locks Of Luck		 Rebel Planet		  Sadim Castle		   Swords And Sorcery(STD)
The Druids Circle(STT) ( The Price Of Magik(STT)  Tunnel Adventure	   Underground(STD)
Valley Of The Pharaohs(S Vampire Castle(STT)
Disc098.zip2021-10-20Forum post
Feasibility Experiment(S Fire Island(E)		  Galadriel In Distress	   Inner Space
Lords Of Time(STD)	 Myorem: Rick Hanson 3(ST Project Thesius: Rick Ha Quest For Last Baked Bea
Rick Hanson(STD)	 Shipwreck(STD)		  Sticky Fingers!(STD)	   The Final Mission (Ket)
The Mountains Of Ket	 The Temple Of Vran (Ket) The Wizard Of Akyrz(STD) Valley Of The Kings
What's Eeyore's		 Xadomy
Disc099.zip2021-10-20Forum post
Adventure Quest(STD)	 Blood Of The Mutineers(S Crown Of Mardan	   Dinosaur Adventure
Dracula's Castle	 Kidnapped		  Land Of Tezrel	   Lost In Space(STD)
Lost In Xanadu(STD)	 Perseus & Andromeda(STD) Ten Little Indians(STD)  The Bungle Brothers(STD)
The Inca Treasure	 The Magic Sword	  The Quest For The Holy G The Quest(STD)
The Twin Orbs Of Aalinor Waxworks(STD)
Disc100.zip2021-10-20Forum post
Castle Dracula		 Castle Frankenstein(STT) Castle Of The Skull Lord Craal
Gnome Adventure		 Guardian Of Doomsday(STT Jungle Adventure(STD)	   Puss In Boots
Return Of The Diamond	 Robin Of Sherwood(STD)	  Secret Agent		   The Avaunting
The Ferryman Awaits(STD) The Golden Crown(E)	  The Hexagram Of Trutania The Mirror Of Khoronz(ST
Village Of Lost Souls(ST Warlord Of Doom(STD)
Disc101.zip2024-07-11Forum post
Blitz			 Bombhunt		  Cookie		   Eyes
Invatron		 Manic Mansion		  Pac-2000		   Percy's Panic(E)
Percy's Revenge: Percy P Professor Blubble	  Ship Wrecked(E)	   Strawberry Fields(STD)
Tennis (Ross Little)(E)	 USS Endeavour		  Uggies Garden(2P) (STD)  X*L*C*R: Squiggly Snake
Xenapor			 Xor: Procyon's Mazes
Disc102.zip2021-06-28Forum post
Cosmic Lander		 DefenceCom		  Father Christmas's Crack Fruitmania
Headcase Hotel		 Lemons			  Luna Zone		   Moonbase Beta
Mr Miner(E)		 Overdrive 2002		  Pantheon		   Percy III: Super Spy!
Shove It!(STD)		 Supersonic Snail Racing( The Froggy Game	   The Space Monster From P
Vliv			 Vortex (A. Bartram)
Disc103.zip2024-07-12Forum post
Ball Game(STD)		 Bright Eyes		  Burger Time (Minion)	   Chuckie Egg 2009
Cliffhanger		 Egghead In Space	  Hard Hat Harry	   Hyper Viper
Jetman			 Litterbug		  MazezaM		   Ms Pac_Man
OddJob(D)		 Oozeman		  Ship Wrecked II: Jupiter Sparse Invaders
Stunt Motorbike		 Wall Wally
Disc104.zip2021-06-28Forum post
Bomber Command		 Build n Break(D)	  Car Wars		   Caving
Cosmos			 Demolish		  Goldminer		   Hard Hat Harry 2: Son Of
Kung-Fu Kid		 MazezaM II: Monstrous Ma Minefield (TMU)	   Mixed Grill March
Nyan Sid		 Pheenix		  Pipeman(P)		   Planet Of The Aliens
Task-Force(2P)		 Timeslip (AKA Paradox)(P
Disc105.zip2021-06-28Forum post
Barrage(2P)		 Bubble Bobble		  Damraider		   Death XIV (3 In 1)
Defender (S. Wade)	 Gomoku (Micro Power)	  Harebrain		   Harlequin(2P) (STT)
Jet Set Miner		 Jungle Journey		  Knockout		   Maze Man(E)
Space-Raiders		 The Krystal Connection	  Trank			   Weenies(P)
Zap!			 Ziggy (AKA Caterpiller)(
Disc106SE.zip2022-08-30Forum post
******: *** **** ******( British Isles Quiz	  Car Maze		   City Defend(J)
Cobra			 Gobbler(Side 1 or 2)	  Grand Prix (Software For Invaders (MP Software)
JSnake			 Minefield (Graphic Resea Orbit Zero		   Oxbridge(Edit)
Reversi (Pro)		 Shields(STD)		  Ski-Run (Games Pack One) Soccer Supremo(STD)
Space Invaders (D. McKer The Attic Bug In SameGam
Disc107.zip2021-06-28Forum post
Aces High		 Airlift (Bug-Byte)	  Asteroid Prospector(E)   Carnival(STD)
Castle Raider		 Fruity			  Gomoko (Pro)		   Hex!(2P)
Hunchbach (Arcade 4 Pack J.R.(2P)		  Mecha-Worm		   Mountain Panic(C/B)
Operation Safras(STD)	 Space Kingdom(STT)	  Towntest		   Ultima(2P)
Yartsie			 jBiplane(2P)
Disc108.zip2022-11-21Forum post
3D-Maze (Games Of Deduct Asteroid Lander	  Awari (CSL)		   Battlezone Six(STT) (E)
Crazy-Cut		 Digga(E)		  Drop-In (AKA The Fall)(2 Frogger (RS)(C/B)
Kastle(E)		 Lunar Invasion (TD3)(E)  Mastermind (Games Pack O Myriapod
Robo Swamp		 Snowball(2P)		  Telephone Mania	   The Three Crystals (Arca
William The Conqueror	 Yes Prime Minister(STD)
Disc109.zip2021-06-28Forum post
Alien Fallout		 Anti-Ballistic Missile C Beebout (AKA Super Break Claustrophobia
Dotty			 English Civil War(2P)	  Enigma!		   Fives
Flood-It!		 Golden Shot(STD)	  Gridder(E)		   Grijpertje (AKA Catcher)
Hi-Lo			 Postman		  Puffin(E)		   QuadCube
Thruster		 World War 1
Disc110.zip2022-09-16Forum post
2048			 Antique Freak		  Astroblaster(+Rx2) (C/B) Connect Four (AKA Make F
Dicer!(2P)		 Howzat! (TD4)(2P)	  Plig(P)		   Pucman (Unoriginal Games
Ransom(STD)		 Simon			  Star Trek: The Game	   Strategy I: Invasion
Tank			 Thai Boxing(D) (E)	  The Easter Egg Chase(E)  Timerun
Timetrek		 Viper
Disc111.zip2021-06-28Forum post
Blockade (Unoriginal Gam Championship Boxing	  Fruit Machine (AKA Bandi LazerChess(STD)
Palace Of Death		 Pandemonia		  Poc-Man		   S.C.O.T.T.(E)
Skywalker		 Splat!			  Startrek (R H Compendium Strategy II: Hunt For Th
Super Hanger(STD)	 Survive!		  The Quest Of Gondor	   Trio
World Cup Manager	 Zen(STD)
Disc112.zip2024-05-19Forum post
3D_Maze(STD)		 Artemidorus		  Balloons		   Blokkendoos(STD)
Catcher(E)		 Division One '85'(STD)	  Doomrun		   Draughts (Micro Power)
Empire			 Fireman (Games Compendiu Fishing (TD4)		   Invaders (Ganymede)
Minefield		 Rock Pile(E)		  Rockfall (Unoriginal Gam Secret Diary Of Adrian M
Shuttle (Molimerx)	 Zark!
Disc113.zip2022-08-24Forum post
Alphabet Soup (AKA ABC P Aquaman		  Battle Of Britain (DPS)( Battleships(2P)
Beebtrek		 Birds			  Castle Blacknight	   Dodgems
Espionage		 Fruits!		  Holey Floors		   Islandia(2P)
Jet-Pack Rescue		 Lunar Run		  Mexico '86'(STD)	   Photon Cycle Duel
System 15000(STT)	 Tennis (Ganymede)
Disc114.zip2024-06-11Forum post
Amazing			 Break-Out (Ganymede)	  Bridge To The East(D)	   Death Zone(STD)
Diamond Trial(E)	 Downhill Skier		  Five In A Row(2P)	   Fruity
Gotta Go Home(STD)	 Hypersmash		  Jolly Jake's Escape	   Miss Fortune And The Sev
Napoleon		 Ploy			  Sailplane!		   Time Lords
Trawler			 War Games (Tobruk And Sa
Disc115.zip2021-07-21Forum post
Arachnoid		 BBC Tetris		  Beeb-Tote		   Chicks
Chopper			 Connect-4		  Counter Attack(2P)	   Dragster
Hangman (Games Compendiu Helicopter Dog Fight(2P) Kayak Kapers(E)	   Magic Square
Moon Lander		 Operation Sea Lion(STD)  Snake 1(2P)		   Space Invaders
Subhunt (War At Sea)	 The Darkness Of Raven Wo
Disc116.zip2021-06-28Forum post
Air Strike		 Ariadne (Joyce's Maze)	  Astro-Mines		   Car Park
Castaway (Island Adventu Castle Defender	  Chinese Tangrams	   Circus(J)
Code Breaker		 Devils Island(STD)	  Flight Simulation	   Hexagons
Intellectual Hangman	 Lunar Lander		  Mouse Trap		   Octagram
Snake 2(2P)		 Space Pods!
Disc117.zip2021-06-28Forum post
Battleships		 Cells & Serpents(STD)	  Copter		   Dodgems
Hexangle		 Magic Dot		  Noughts and Crosses(STD) Pontoon
Quad Line		 Racer			  Reversi		   Rip Cord(J)
Scoop			 Snaffu			  Stock Market		   Trailblazer(STD)
Water Works		 Whodunnit?
Disc118.zip2024-03-28Forum post
767 Advanced Flight Simu Aces High		  Christmas Box		   Christmas Lights
Connect Four		 Know Your Own Psi-Q(STD) Othello		   Paras
Planetfall(2P) (STT)	 Pontoon		  Reversi (Beebug)	   Road Racer
Santa And The Snowman(2P Simon (Games Compendium  Snow Plough!		   Sqwhere?
The White Barrows	 World War I(STD)
Disc119.zip2021-06-28Forum post
3D Noughts And Crosses	 4-Site			  Apocalypse(STD) (2P) (D) Backgammon (YC)
Blackjack (YC)		 Colour-Cube (Games Of De Curly!(2P)		   Duel(2P)
Emperor			 Entrapment(2P)		  Fred The Needle	   Jackpot!
Killer Dice		 Orbit			  Rat Race(R)		   Reversi
Royal Wedding		 Twiddle
Disc120.zip2021-06-28Forum post
Aircraft Landing Simulat Blackjack (TMU)(2P)	  Chinese Chess		   Cockpit
Darts (A&B)		 Golf (TMU)		  Haggis-Bash		   Hunt The Wampus
Invasion		 Midway			  Orchard Wall		   Roundheads And Cavaliers
Shuzzle			 Solitaire (TMU)	  Star-Trek (YC)	   The Dodeca Game
The Enchanted Castle	 Treasure Trail
Disc121.zip2021-07-10Forum post
3D Pentominoes		 A Day At The Races	  Beeb-Darts		   Boris The Spider
Chocky Egg		 Desperate Decorator	  Dragon Slayer(STD)	   Maze-Trap
Merrills(2P)		 Mozaic Madness		  Pairs			   Phoenix
Race Track		 Robotank		  Stunt Driver		   Tanks (DPS)(STD)
Target Practice(2P)	 Tea-Bag Terror(E)
Disc122.zip2021-07-10Forum post
Batzplat(E)		 Beeb Patience		  Blitz			   Bomber
Breakout(E)		 Crown Green(2P)	  Fighter Command	   Five Dice
Freddy & The Spiders Fro Laser Cycles(2P) (E)	  Morris The Millipede(E)  Pile Up(2P)
Quarters		 Shuttle		  Slid			   Star Commander(STD)
Tea-Bag Terror 2(E)	 White Light(STD)
Disc123.zip2021-07-10Forum post
Catch'Em / Prikkomani(2P Conqueror(2P)		  Convoy		   Cribbage
Downhill Skiing(E)	 Four In A Row		  Head Coach(STD)	   Jumper(E)
Magic Square Puzzle	 MasterSpy		  Sheep Drive		   Snake
Space Chase(E)		 Space Landing(E)	  Squiggle		   Star Fighter
The F.A Cup Trail	 Uno
Disc124.zip2021-07-10Forum post
Aeronautical Dogfight 1( Air Traffic Control Simu Bat And Ball		   Breakout
Cribbage (Golden Games)	 Driver			  Flight Sim		   Monster Hunt
Noughts And Crosses	 One-Way Driver		  Pairs			   Poster Pete's Puzzle
Road Hog		 Sink The Bismarck	  Snaker(E)		   Speedway Manager(E)
Two By Two		 Water Ski Game(E)
Disc125.zip2021-07-10Forum post
Aeronautical Dogfight 2( Beeb Invaders		  Billiards(2P)		   Bomber (Beebug)
Centipede(C/B)(STD)	 Darkside		  Eternity(STD)		   Harry Hopper(E)
Klacz			 Klingon's Revenge	  Knockout		   Mad Castle
Maze			 Minefield (Big K)	  Ray-Box		   Sevens (Golden Games)
Spacefight (Games Pack 1 Victorian Peg
Disc126.zip2021-11-06Forum post
Black Queen(STD)	 Block Slider(E)	  Break-Up (Games Pack 1)  City Bomber
Four Colours		 Hangman (Beebug)	  Manage(2P)		   Minotaur's Maze
Model B Crossword(STD)	 Quadrix		  Scrable		   Space Grab(E)
Superfruit		 Supermarket		  Thargoids		   Under The Mortuary
Wallaby Wrestling Federa Yams (Golden Games)(2P)
Disc127.zip2021-07-11Forum post
3-A-Line(2P)		 Asteroid Chase		  Battleships		   Bismarck(STD)
Bombard(2P)		 Catch			  Darkness Surrounds(E)	   Fives & Threes
Mars Miner		 Maze Run		  Model B Crossword 2(STD) Multicolour
Pairs			 Solitaire & Solve	  Space Station		   The Paras (AKA Skydiver)
The Pieman Quins	 Which-Way? (Golden Games
Disc128.zip2023-10-31Forum post
3-D Roller Ball		 Alien			  Bank Robber		   Bug-Drop(E)
Casteroids (AKA Cargoram Dodgem			  Dominoes (TMU)	   Draw-Poker (Golden Games
Hexagram(2P) (E)	 Horace In The Maze	  Lunar Lander (Input)	   New York
Pacman			 Rocket Man		  Scramble(C/B)		   Super Lander!
Tennis (BBC PD)(2P)	 Trivial Pursuit (Young E
Disc129.zip2021-07-10Forum post
Air Sea Battle		 Alien Intruders	  Artillery Duel(2P)	   Blitz
Catcher			 Collect The Trees	  Crazy Santa		   Duck Shoot(J)
Higher/Lower		 Interplanetary Miner	  Jet-Pack Santa	   Luna Lander
Octonium Moon		 Pontoon		  Pull The Cracker(2P)	   Rising Damp
Snow Pud		 Trivial Pursuit (Baby Ed
Disc130.zip2021-07-20Forum post
Bomber			 Espionage (TMU)	  Fisherman Fred	   Goldmine
ICBM Attack!!!		 Laserbug Grand Prix	  Ludo(2P)		   Map Game
Mars-Lander		 Odd One Out(2P)	  Othello		   Patience (Golden Games)
Pentiles (Silverlind)	 Serpents(2P)		  Simon (AKA Pattern Memor St. George And The Drago
Traditional Board Games	 Whack-A-Mole!
Disc131.zip2021-07-18Forum post
10 Minute Game		 Babysitter		  Bazooka		   Bomber
Chomper			 Golf(E)		  Join 'Em Up!(2P)	   Knight's Move(STD)
Logo-Tank		 Patience		  Pirate(STD)		   Quadrangle
Snake			 Squash			  Tank Battle(2P)	   Targets
Terror Terrain		 Wall Smash
Disc132.zip2021-07-18Forum post
Bobsleigh		 Breakout		  Cosmic Invaders	   Cosmos
Drive(J)		 Froggy Go Home		  Grand Prix		   Heli-Bomber
Map Quiz		 Othello		  Rat Catch		   Rings
Space Invaders		 Squish			  Surround		   Tank Battle(2P)
Torpedo Run		 Treasure Hunt
Disc133.zip2021-07-18Forum post
3D Maze			 Alien Invaders		  Asteroid Belt		   Bomber Command
Brick Layer		 Capture The Quark	  Ghost Lane		   Grand Prix
Moon Reskue		 Oxygen			  Pro-Golf (PCW)	   Pteragon
Puzzle			 Scribble		  Sea Sub		   Slide
Space Traffic		 Sprint 1(J)
Disc134.zip2021-07-18Forum post
Asteroid Dodge		 Chart Challenge 88(STD)  Derby Day		   Dropout
Flying Geese		 Four-In-A-Row		  Fox & Hounds		   Golf
Light Cycles		 Meteoroids		  Minelay		   Mutant Rats
Nightdrive		 One-Armed Bandit	  Pelmanism		   Pot Shot
Simon			 Zombies
Disc135.zip2022-10-01Forum post
Battleships		 Beasty Bugs		  Camel Race		   Derby Day
Knights Tour(STD)	 Laser Attack		  Leapfrog		   Moon Lander
Noughts & Crosses	 Obstacle Course	  Poker			   Racer
Rainbow Squash		 Reversi		  Ski Run		   Solitaire Maze
Squares			 Tanx(2P)
Disc136.zip2021-07-18Forum post
Bouncing Bug		 Canfield Patience	  Cycles(2P)		   Field-Gun(2P)
Frogling(E)		 Greyhound Derby Stakes	  Mastercode (Games Of Ded Nine Hole Golf
Pac-Track		 Saucer Encounter	  Sea Attack		   Sharp Shooter
Snake(E)		 Solo Dogfight		  Spider And Fly	   Ultima(2P)
Venusians		 Woodworm
Disc137.zip2021-07-18Forum post
3D Brainstorm(2P)	 Alien Attack		  Ant Hill(E)		   Buzzy Bee
Duck Shoot		 Invader Blaster	  Jaws			   Labyrinth
Minefield		 Mirror Tile		  Motocross		   Mushroom Mania
On The Adventure Trail	 Save The Whale		  Snazzy Snake		   Tennis(2P) (E)
Virus			 Zombie
Disc138.zip2021-07-18Forum post
Answer Back Senior Quiz( Cheshire Cats And Other  Eliminate		   Knightsbridge
Leap Frog(E)		 Mandala		  Noughts And Crosses	   Othello
Pelmanism(2P)		 Postman		  Robot			   Rocket Attack
Rubik's Cube		 Space War		  Taipei		   The Great Wall
The-Grid		 World War 1 (AKA WW1)
Disc139.zip2021-07-18Forum post
Answer Back Junior Quiz( Artillery(2P)		  Bobs Bat And Ball	   Bomber
Carrot			 Deathmaze		  Exocet		   Fruit Machine
Guideline		 Letter Chaser		  Newmarket		   Nine By Eight
Sub			 Time-Bomb		  Treasure Island	   Tug-Of-War(2P)
V-Wing Attack		 Voyage
Disc140.zip2021-07-18Forum post
April Fool Island	 Attack			  Barrage(2P)		   Builder
Dam Eaters		 Dice Poker		  Energy Fields		   Foxhole
Jog			 Milly The Mink		  Night-Raid		   Radar
Sheepdog Trial		 Simon			  Solitaire(E)		   Storm
The Frog		 Yahtzee!(2P)
Disc141.zip2021-07-21Forum post
Battleships		 Bertie The Beetle	  Blind-Man's Buff	   Breakout
Christmas Eve		 Death Wall		  December 24th		   Demolition
Dodge Dad		 Dominoes		  Forest Run		   Four Up
Mighty Missile		 Mover			  Pontoon		   Snail Trail
Turkey Shoot		 Ye Olde Castle
Disc142.zip2021-11-19Forum post
3D OXO			 Across The Ravine	  Break Out		   Commando Jump
Commodities		 Cowboy(2P) (J)		  Downfall		   Fruit Machine
Halma(2P)		 Lifter			  Mastercode		   Missile Command
Pentoms-Puzzle		 Play Your Cards Right	  Sea-Dog		   Sky-Diver
Solitaire(E)		 Space Dodgems
Disc143.zip2022-12-21Forum post
Alien Lander		 Black River Quest(STD)	  Booty			   Draughts
Fighter			 Martian Nim		  Mastermind		   Nuclear Fallout
Penalty Decider		 Shuttle(J)		  Simonn (AKA Simon Says)  Singing Heads
Sixers			 Snakes And Ladders(E)	  Space Invaders Type Game Space Pirates
Squeeze			 Tour (AKA Euler's Tourin
Disc144.zip2022-12-21Forum post
3D Maze			 Answer Back Sport Quiz(E Dodge City		   Fishing
Football Supremo(STD)	 Golf			  Hexa15 (Games Of Logic)  Juggle Puzzle
Match The Pictures	 ROBOT - The Impossible M Simon			   Solitaire
Speed Trial		 Stock Market		  Supreme(STD)		   Tail Blasers(2P) (J)
Target Practice		 Transplex
Disc145.zip2021-07-21Forum post
3-D Maze		 Astrosmash		  Canyon		   Eastor
Fall Guy(2P)		 Get That Bird!		  Go-moku		   Idiot's Delight Patience
Moon Lander		 Moonguard(3D)		  Nim			   North Sea Oil(E)
Salvage			 Soccer Manager(STD)	  Spyplane		   Time Traveller
Tron (AKA Light Cycles)( Word Square
Disc146.zip2021-07-21Forum post
3D Invaders		 Balloonist		  Barmy Butterflies(STD)   Bombs
Cattapilla		 Connect 4		  Core Wars(2P)		   Galactic Tycoon(2P)
Gunboat(2P) (E)		 Jaws			  Nightfall		   Personal Quiz
Shock			 Smash Chamber		  Tangle(2P)		   Tank Battle
Tennis(2P)		 Trapper(2P)
Disc147.zip2021-07-23Forum post
3-D Maze		 Amateur Golf		  BBC Backgammon	   Brickie
Crossfire!(2P) (J)	 Death Race 2000	  Downhill Skiing	   Fish
Gobble(2P)		 Helicopter		  Hexplode(2P)		   Laser Cycles
Meteor Attack		 Othello		  Portals		   Sky-Line Demolition
Tron Light Cycles(2P)	 Voida
Disc148.zip2021-07-21Forum post
Balloons		 Eggsman		  Fruit Machine		   Hidden Numbers
Horse Of The Year(2P)	 Jaws			  Marble Mania		   Parachute
Pet Spiders		 Saurus Island		  Sixty Six		   Space Blitz
Space-Match(2P)		 Target			  Tenpins(2P)		   The Paragon
Tri-oids		 Vulcan
Disc149.zip2021-07-21Forum post
1066 Wargame		 Ambush			  Boa-Constructor	   Breakout
Chroma			 Crack-Code		  Dice Game		   Eggdash
Golf+Designer(STD)	 Little Meanies		  Meteors		   Mutant Wars
Pirate's Gold		 Seafarer (Trading Sim)(S Snake Island		   Tower Of Hanoy Patience
Wormy Num Num(STD)	 Zim(2P)
Disc150.zip2022-08-30Forum post
@-man			 Aspirin		  Asteroid Lander	   Avengence!
Catrpilr		 Dodge			  Entrapment(2P)	   Fred In The Forest
Golf (Course 2)		 Hot Drop		  Laser Attack		   Monte Carlo
Pontoon			 Rat Attack		  Rome '90(STD)		   Simon
Snake			 Space Attack
Disc151.zip2022-11-15Forum post
Clay Pigeon Shoot	 Defender		  Diamond Strikes Back	   Dungeon Level 99(E) (STD
Giant Hedgehog Squash	 Golf (Course 3)	  High Rise		   Interstellar Intrigue(2P
Invisible Man		 Mouse Trap		  Munching Mouse	   Rockpool
Shark			 Space Bomber		  Tellscope		   Tennis(2P)
Three Dee Noughts And Cr Tunnel Run
Disc152.zip2021-07-22Forum post
'Copter			 Airblock		  Cer-Splat! (AKA Chicken  Cosmic Lander
Crack It! Towers	 Dots And Boxes(E)	  Dr Who		   King Albert Patience
Noughts & Crosses(2P)	 Patience		  Pelmanism		   Pole Position
Reverse (Games Of Logic) Seek And Destroy	  Skirrid (The Shapes Game Swat
Ups 'n' Downs		 Zanygrams
Disc153.zip2024-04-22Forum post
Ayo			 B*Bert			  Blackwolf		   Christmas Word Search
Domino			 Ice Cream Vendors	  Jingle Bells(STD)	   Lander
Mystery Word(E)		 Pontoon		  Rudolph's Nose	   Ski Slope
Sleigh Lander		 Tic-Tac-Toe		  Time Star		   Train Shuffle
Trek III		 Warp Hole
Disc154.zip2022-10-01Forum post
Beetle Drive		 Bounce(E)		  Catapillattak (AKA Dilph Cemetary
Copycat			 Dizzy Dots		  Double Your Money(E)	   Draughts
Eggsasperation		 Electron Soccer(E)	  Firing Range		   Horse Racing
Pyramid & Casino	 Sir Francis Drake Advent Survival		   The Domino Game(2P)
The Lost Slipper(STD)	 TicTacToe(2P)
Disc155.zip2021-07-22Forum post
18th Hole		 Beat The Tune(2P) (E)	  Birdies		   Caves
Diamonds(2P)		 Flighting		  Golf			   Lunar Man
Mancala(2P)		 Micro Adventure	  Noughts + Crosses	   Old Kent Road To Mayfair
Organic Blaster		 Scissor-Stone-Paper Game Smiley Hunt		   Space Trader(STD)
Swamp			 Word Square/Sea Battle/P
Disc156.zip2021-07-22Forum post
Asteroids		 Beat The Odds!(E)	  Contract Bridge(E)	   Derek And The Pooclear W
Duel(2P)		 Fruit Machine		  Horse Race		   Horseman(E)
Master Word(2P)		 Maze Game		  Mystery Of The Java Star Outbreak
Parachute Drop		 Rubik's Cube		  Sliding-Block Puzzle	   Sniper
Trickysoft PacMan(C/B)	 Word Puzzle
Disc157.zip2021-07-22Forum post
3-D Maze		 Astro Blaster		  Beebtrek		   Elementum
Entrapment(2P)		 Flying Fingers		  Galactic Intruders	   Hurles
Hyper Combat(2P)	 Invaders		  Krazy Ape II(E)	   Mars Mission
Mastermind		 Nightmare Park		  One Armed Bandit	   Simon Numbers(E)
Snake Shoot		 Zap (AKA Space Battle)
Disc158.zip2021-08-02Forum post
Athlete Hunter		 Canyon Bomber		  Chemiplant(STD)	   Code Breaker (AKA Codebu
Cribbage(E)		 Electrobots		  Glider Pilot 2	   Hangman
Nightmare Park (Unorigin Parachute		  Race			   Reversi (Kansas)(E)
Roulette (Casino)	 Rubik Cube		  Scorpion Patience	   Star Trek (Micro Power)
Super Breakout(J)	 Zircon
Disc159.zip2024-06-21Forum post
Atomix			 Boy Racer		  Cabinet Shuffle	   Cave
Cover Up		 Drop-Out(2P)		  Europe		   Gin Rummy (TG)
Heli			 Interrupt-Driven Breakou Knights(STD)		   Money Grabber
Monsters & Magic	 Operation:Cyborg	  Space Hike(E)		   Star Trek (IJK)
Trickysoft Rally-X(C/B)	 World Cup
Disc160.zip2022-05-17Forum post
ASCII Invaders		 Alphaswap(E)		  Backgammon		   Bandit
Blast'Em		 Chasm			  Get Rich		   Grid Runner
Island Game		 Ivasive Action		  Mabwar		   Magic Mazes
Mines (AKA Minefield)	 Nightmare Park		  Pursuit		   Santa's Parcels(E)
Sine City		 Urban Upstart(STD)
Disc161.zip2022-01-04Forum post
Bomber Raid		 Bounce-Ball(2P) (E)	  Catch-Me		   Citadel Revenge
Connect 4		 Cribbage Player	  Dominoes		   Flip-Flap(E)
Hangman (MP Software)	 Hiss(E)		  Odd One Out(2P) (E)	   Orbitter
Pacman			 Reverse		  Skulls Of The Pyramid	   Submarines
Tunnel Escape		 Untitled Dungeon Game(Rx
Disc162.zip2022-07-28Forum post
3-D Aggressor(E)	 Dodge			  Flat Out		   Galaxy Conflict(2P) (STD
Go			 Gymkhana		  Hangman		   Letter Puzzle
On Yer Bike(2P)		 Parachute		  Python		   Ski Funday
Snail Race		 Space Arena		  Taktiks(2P) (E)	   The Force
Tudoroll		 Yes Chancellor(STD)
Disc163.zip2022-08-10Forum post
Alien Attack		 Battleships		  Bee Beater		   Cribbage
Escape From Planet Scarg Exchange		  Gumshoe Logic		   Inferno
Kars			 Missile Commang(E)	  Quick Sam(E)		   Robo-1
Snig			 Trivial Pursuit: A New B Universe		   War Of The Worlds
Wordle			 Wordmix
Disc164.zip2022-09-12Forum post
Computer Skrabble(2P)	 Gobbler(E)		  Gun-Fight(2P)		   Harry Dotter
Hoppit			 Lunar Lander		  Matrix: Gridrunner 2	   Moonfleet(E)
Night Ninja(C/B)	 Noughts And Crosses (Cas Pistol Shooting(E)	   Pontoon
Shocker (Arcade Adventur Submarine		  Submarine Simulator	   The Golden Fleece
The Great Cheese Race(2P Two Slow Game(2P) (STD)
Disc165.zip2022-10-10Forum post
AsteRoydZ(E)		 Bouncy - Bouncy(E)	  Break Out (Arcade Challe Brickup Game(STD)
Death Duel(2P)		 Dodge(E)		  Hangman (Family Games)   Molecule (9 Card And Boa
MoveIt!(E)		 Piquet (TG)		  Pontoon (Cascade)	   Sir
Space Dodge(E)		 Toboggan Run (Arcade Adv Trickysoft Missile Comma Waffle
Worm(STD)		 Yahtzee
Disc166.zip2022-11-23Forum post
Accordion (TG)		 Beleaguered Castle(E)	  Brickout (Arcade Adventu Claypigeons(E)
Connect-4 (AKA Four In A Electrobots Going Underg Kryptogram (Family Games Othello
Pac-Man's Revenge	 Reflect(E)		  Ski Slalom(E)		   Sliding Letters
Snakes(E)		 Space Cat (Arcade Challe Spinning Frustration(E)  Springfyren (Jump Guy)(D
Squares (9 Card And Boar Wordsearch(2P)
Disc167.zip2024-03-28Forum post
Bootskell		 Chaser(2P) (E)		  Computer Crossword	   Flip
Grand National (Family G Jetbike(E)		  Lady Bug(R) (STD)	   Lander
Mazy			 Othello		  Reversi (9 Card And Boar Santa On The Rooftop
Squash (Arcade Challenge Stockmarket		  Tank Battle		   The Maze Engine
Vexed(STD)		 Voida Part II(STD)
Disc168.zip2023-01-26Forum post
3D Maze Program		 Bug			  Computer Yahtzee	   Crosswords(STD)
Draw Poker		 Flags			  Fruit Machine(E)	   Hang Man(2P)
Lift			 Magic Squares		  Pairs (9 Card And Board  Pontoon
Racer(E)		 Rapids (Arcade Challenge Ruptus		   Silly (AKA A Silly Progr
Sliding Block Puzzle	 The British Isles
Disc169.zip2024-03-27Forum post
Aerial			 Battlot		  Black Hole(E) (STD)	   Clear 35
Colour Match		 Cubit			  Escape From Jail(STD)	   F For Freddie (Flight Si
Find The Ace		 Grouse Shooting (Arcade  HiLo (9 Card And Board G Moneycrazy(E)
Norca Park Race Course(E Noughts & Crosses	  OXO(2P) (E)		   Polymer Picker
Pontoon (AKA Pontoon Par Space Invaders
Disc170.zip2023-03-24Forum post
All Rounder(STD)	 Ascend			  Brick Basher		   Bugzap(E)
Cacorm			 Geography		  Gold Miner		   Litecycles
Lunar Lander		 Noughts And Squares(2P)  Patience		   Quasimodo(E)
Road-Runner		 Solitaire		  South Seas Trader	   The Horserace
Towers Of Hanoi(E)	 Westquest 1847
Disc171.zip2024-06-11Forum post
9-Letter Anagrams	 BBC Planes(STD)	  Battleships(STD)	   Beeb Chase
Cavit			 Combat Zone(2P)	  Jigsaw Puzzles(D)	   Knights
Liner			 Mars Lander(E)		  Neuras		   Orthogonal Patience
Pitfall			 Poker Square		  Reversasquare		   Space Invaders
Stunt Car		 Thousand
Disc172.zip2023-05-19Forum post
3 In A Line		 Acorn Island(C/B)	  Attack		   Blox(E)
Dam Buster		 Dice!			  Europe(Side 1 or 2)	   Guntus
Master Mind		 Maze			  Oil Rig Game		   Slow-Ball Game(STD)
Star Trek		 Superlife		  Switch		   Tangram
The Midas Run		 The Valley(STD)
Disc173.zip2023-07-14Forum post
5-A-Side Soccer(STD)	 Ayo			  Battle Ships		   Battlezone(R) (STD)
Cracky			 Crazy Maze		  Detective(E)		   Driving Test!
Guess Who(STD)		 Hangman		  Inkosi		   Laser Zone
Magic Maze		 Sevens			  Soko-Ban(C/B)		   The Business
Wordbox(2P) (STD)	 World
Disc174.zip2023-09-07Forum post
3D-Maze			 Blue Wizard Adventure	  Cruiser		   Escape
First Class Mail(E)	 Go-Pig(E)		  Gremlin Maze		   Hangman
Lines			 Lunar Module		  National Race		   Power Bandit
Pussycat		 Road Racer(E)		  Sherlock Holmes	   Super Star Trek
Time-Bomb(E)		 Wargames(2P) (STD)
Disc175.zip2023-10-27Forum post
20-Four(STD)		 8-Teen(STD)		  Air Raid(E)		   Aliens
Birthday		 Codebreaker(E)		  Dollar Dash(E)	   Dynamic Maze
Heuristic Naughts & Cros Justified Sadism	  Liverpool Manager(STD)   Maze Race(E)
Mushroom Invasion	 Rat Catcher(E)		  Reversi (Silverlind)	   Tenebra
Tidbits Teaser		 Truffle Hunt
Disc176.zip2024-01-19Forum post
Asterisk Tracker	 Bat'n'Moths		  Beeb-Word(2P)		   Blow Football(2P) (E)
Bomber(E)		 Bop7			  Dambusters		   Hopman
Jigsaw			 Micro-Mouse		  One Liner Game	   Patience
Roulette Game(E)	 Star Lanes(2P)		  Sub Hunt		   Tactical Pursuit(2P) (E)
Urban Sprawl(E)		 Word Scramble
Disc177.zip2023-12-15Forum post
Bomber (Me & My Micro)(E Cannonball Battle	  Castle Hassle		   Cosmic Intruders
Flagged			 Hangman(E)		  Light Bikes		   Minefield (3D)
Power Ball(E)		 Puzzle(E)		  Santa's Dilemma(E)	   Santa's Saucer
Santa's Tour(E)		 Silly Santa(E)		  Snowvaders		   Solitaire (AKA Solo)(E)
The Big Unwrap		 Yahm
Disc178.zip2024-02-08Forum post
Alien Invasion(E)	 Aliens			  Bridg-It		   Codeword(E)
Elevenses		 Hexanoids		  Jet Flight		   Jewels And Caves
Monster Island		 Monsterzap(E)		  Nineteen Eightyfour	   Patience(E)
Picket Line		 Rescue(E)		  Solo Squash(E)	   The House That James Bui
Treasure Hunt (Beebug)	 Yewdow
Disc179.zip2024-04-02Forum post
3D-Golf			 Acnean Mutoids		  Battleships		   Beeb Dice
Boggles			 Caterpillar		  Deflector(E)		   Kongo(E)
Light Bikes		 Othello		  Pontoon (M&M)		   Red Skies Over Accringto
Sheep Dog Trials(E)	 Shoot			  SpaceGolf(E)		   Stealth
SuperBoss(E) (STD)	 Truth
Disc180.zip2024-07-11Forum post
Anagrams(2P) (E)	 Awari(E)		  Bounce(E)		   Diamonds(E)
Fox And Geese(E)	 Ghostbusters(+R)	  Grid(2P)		   Higher Or Lower(E)
Knock-out Whist(E)	 Labyrinth		  Lemming Dropout	   Nectar Collector(P)
Road Runner		 Space Search		  Space Zapp(E)		   Terkon(STD) (P)
The Argument Sketch(E)	 The Wrecked Race Car
AltD001.zip2024-05-09Forum post
Amidar			 Castle Raider (AKA Castl Centibug		   Crystal Castles (Atari)
Defender (AKA Planetoid) Electro Freddy (Softspot Felix And The Weevils (A Five-A-Side Football (IJ
Galaxy Birds (AKA G * Bi Ghoulies		  Joust (Atari)		   Lunar Rescue (Pre)
R*Ther			 Robomania (AKA Roboman)  Sinistar (Atari)	   Snapper (V1)
Star Swarm (V1)		 The Pyramid (AKA Crypt C
AltD002.zip2021-01-04Forum post
Alien Destroyers II(E)	 Arcadia (AKA Wet Zone)	  Birdie Barrage (V1)	   Blockman (AKA Danger U.X
Carnival (Pre)		 Challenger (Joe The Lion Chess (Superior)(STD)	   Citadel (Pre)
Dogfight (AKA Bandits At Gorph			  Hunchback (Ocean)	   Mr. Ee! (Pre)
Quest For Freedom(E)	 Space Adventure (Virgin) Ultron (Alligata)	   Volcano (Pre)
Wally Goes Walkies	 Zelda Meets The Bug-Eyes
AltD003.zip2024-05-05Forum post
3D Munchy		 Aviator(Colour)	  Bandits (Oak)		   Bozo The Brave (Tynesoft
Bug Blaster (SAM 5)	 Commando (SAM 3)	  Crazy Er*Bert		   Cylon Invasion (Tynesoft
Flip! (Re-Issue)	 Frankenstein 2000 (Remix Killer Gorilla 2 (SAM 3) Nightmare Maze (Re-Issue
React (AKA Sitting Targe Repton 2 (Pre)		  Ski Slalom (V1)	   Space Commander Test(Col
The Way Of The Exploding Ultron
AltD004.zip2022-03-10Forum post
Banana Man (Re-Issue)	 Bomb-Run (AKA Detonator  Boulder Crash (AKA Rock  Diamond Mine (Re-Issue)
Force Field (AKA Space C Free Fall (Pre)	  Garden (AKA Growing Pain Impact!
Ledgeman (A-Team Music)	 Lunar Jetman (Alt)	  Pandemonium (SAM 13)	   Phantom Combat (V2)
Q-Man (Re-Issue)	 Santa's Delivery (Tyneso Star Maze (V2)	   Super Defender
Trek II (Tynesoft)	 Wongo (Re-Issue)
AltD005.zip2020-11-03Forum post
3D-Dotty (SAM 10)	 Bomb-Squad (AKA Detonato Castle Assault (Re-Issue Defender (AKA Guardian)(
Frak! (SAM 4)		 Hopper (SAM 6)		  Hunchback (SAM 6)	   Killer Gorilla (SAM 3)
Locomotion (AKA Loony Lo Mr. Wiz! (SAM 8)	  Network (SAM 15)	   Pro Boxing Simulator
Q-Man's Brother		 Steve Davis Snooker (SAM The Guy In The Hat	   The Sentinel (SAM 6)
Video's Revenge (SAM 17) Zalaga (SAM 10)
AltD006.zip2018-10-15Forum post
3D Pool (Pre)		 Catapilla (AKA Wiggles)  Centipede (AKA Caterpill Chopper II
Crazy Fruit (AKA Las Veg Cubert! (Alt)		  Death Stars (AKA Plasma  FireTrack (SAM 7)
Fortress (SAM 5)	 Golf (AKA Birdie Barrage Joust (AKA Skirmish)	   Monster Mash (AKA Monste
Mr. Do!			 Snapper (V2) (SAM 7)	  Super Pool (Disc)(STD)   Wongo (Pre)
Yoyo! (Re-Issue)	 Zany Kong (V2)
AltD007.zip2022-05-03Forum post
Blagger (SAM 12)	 Bruce Lee (Alt)	  Bumble-Bee		   Deathstar (V1)
Dune Rider (Disc)	 Elite (Tape)(STT)	  Frenzy		   Kamikaze (AKA Planes)
Magic Mushrooms (Tape)(S Maze Muncher (AKA Pacman Poker (AKA Video Card Ar Pontoon (AKA Video Card
Psycastria (Tape)	 Psycastria 2 (Fab Four)  Spectapede (AKA Spectipe Sphere Of Destiny (Tape)
Tycoon (AKA Pass Go)	 Wallaby (V2)
AltD008.zip2024-05-04Forum post
Blitzkrieg (Mono Screen) Caterpillar Bill (Alt)	  Codename : Droid (Tape)  Cutter (AKA Chopper)
Eagle Empire (Chartbuste Felix And The Fruit Mons Felix In The Factory (V2 Froggy
Galactic Firebird (V2)	 Ghouls (SAM 7)		  Inertia (Disc)	   Ravenskull (Tape)
Row Of Four (BBC)	 Scoffer (Pre)		  Space Ace (AKA 3-D Space Space Blaster (Pre)
Subway Vigilante (New Sc Syncron (Slow Version)
AltD009.zip2018-10-15Forum post
3D Munchy (Pre)		 Alien 8 (Alt)		  Breakthrough (Tape)	   Dare Devil Denis (Pre)
Darts (Re-Issue)(2P)	 Duck Shoot (AKA Duck!) ( Guardian (SAM 4)(E)	   Moon Raider (SAM 5)
Mr. Shifter (Alt)	 Powerboat Racing (Origin Raid Over Moscow (Tape)  Screwball (Re-Issue)
Spy Hunter (Tape)	 Spy vs Spy (Disc)	  Starship Command (Pre)   Swoop (Pre)
The Sentinel (Tape)	 War (Tape)(C/B)
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Beebtrek (BBC)		 Centipede (Pre)	  Clogger (Demo)	   Crawler (Alt)
Danger Mower (AKA Crazy	 Grid Cycles (AKA Laser C Hangman (MRM)		   Killa (The Upgrade)
Mastermind (RH)		 Millipede (AKA Spectiped Paradox (AKA Timeslip)   Paranoid Pete (Alt)
Snapper (Fast Version)	 Snoopy (AKA Cubert)	  Spitfire Simulation (Pre Star Raider! (AKA 3D Spa
Startrek (Logic Systems) Time Lords (Disc)
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3D-Noughts And Crosses ( Anarchy Zone (Fast Loade Chuckie Egg (Extra Colou City Bomber (Alt)
Down Fall (AKA Invasion) Evil Invaders		  Frak!(STT) (E)	   Galaxy Wars (Alt)
Helter Skelter (Tape)	 Monstas (The Upgrade)	  Moon Raider(E)	   Mr Miner(STD) (E)
Painter (Pre)		 Swoop(E)		  Tarzan Boy (AKA Tarzan)  The Train Game '91
US Invaders (AKA USS End Wall 'Em In (AKA Brick '
AltD012.zip2019-12-08Forum post
3D Terror Chase		 Air Raid (AKA Bomber Str BBC Defend		   Breakout (Fun Games)
Breakthrough		 Caterpillar (AKA Millipe Chuckie Cheat!	   Dodgems (Fun Games)
Monsters (AKA Cellars)	 Noughts And Crosses	  Painter (AKA Airbrush)   Pitfall Pete (+10 extra
Snake (Fun Games)	 Space Invaders (Pre)	  The Hunt (Disc)(STD)	   Video Pinball (Re-Issue)
Wall Game (Pre)		 Yahtzee (AKA Poker Dice)
AltD013.zip2021-06-13Forum post
Bank Robber (Mode 5)	 Birdie Barrage (Extra Co Chopper (Alt)		   Defender (Pre)
Gladiator (Hack)	 Graham Gooch's Test Cric Ivor D And The Pooclear  Map Quiz (Mode 7)
Othello (AKA Reversi)	 Snaky (AKA Fruit Worm)	  Snapper Upgrade	   Space Eggs (AKA Aliens)
Space Invaders (Hack)	 Stock Car		  The Executioner	   The Golden Figurine (Slo
Thrust (Extra Missions)	 World Geography(E)
AltD014.zip2022-01-28Forum post
Androidz (Redux)(D)	 Attacker (AKA Bomber)	  Capture The Quark (Expan Choplifter (AKA Airlift)
Chuckie Egg - The Sequel Fighter Pilot (Alt)(+J)  Football Manager (+Custo Headcase Hotel (V1.13)
Jet Set Willy 2021(C/B)	 Manic Miner 2021	  Missile Command (V2)	   Missiles (AKA Moon Lande
Pucman			 Purple People Eaters (Pr Tetris (AKA Skulls)	   The Flowers Of Hell(E)
Ultron (Pre)		 Whoopsy (Alt)
AltD015.zip2024-04-22Forum post
7 Card Patience (Beeb Pa Beleaguered Castle(STD)  Break Out (Alt)	   Car/Van Race (Pre)
Chess (Model A)		 Molecule (Alt)		  Mr. Do!		   Purple People Eaters (Al
Ransom (Alt)(STD)	 Revs Plus Revs 4 Tracks  Runaway Rocket (Space Ch Shark (Disc)
Squares (Alt)		 Starship Command 2022	  Super Fruit (Alt)	   Tarzan (Alt)
Tic-Tac-Toe		 Worm (AKA Fruit Worm)
AltD016.zip2023-09-22Forum post
Acornsoft Chess (Model A Backgammon (1 or 2 Playe Bomber (Arcade Challenge Bug Eyes II (Alt)
Fit-Em-In (AKA Skulls)	 Game Magic/Mega Game	  Jigsaw (Upgrade)	   Lawn Tennis (Alt)(2P) (J
Micro-Mouse(E)		 Racing Car Game (AKA Rac Revs+ (Hack)		   Snakes (V1)
Space City (Hack)	 Squish (Alt)		  Star Soccer (Alt)(2P)	   Super Star Trek (Origina
Tadpole (AKA Snake)	 Thrust (Alt)
Orig001.zip2018-10-15Forum post
Asteroids (Meteors)	 Centipede (Bug Blaster)  Check Man (Danger U.X.B) Dig Dug (The Mine)
Donkey Kong (Killer Gori Galaga (Zalaga)	  Galaxian (Arcadians)	   Gorf (Ultron)
Marble Madness (Gyroscop Missile Command (Missile Mr. Do! (Mr. Ee!)	   Pac-Man (Snapper)
Phoenix (Eagle Empire)	 Q*bert (Bouncer)	  Qix (Kix)		   Scramble (Rocket Raid)
Space Panic (Monsters)	 Zaxxon (Fortress)