Growing collection

Slowly I build my collection:

The Beeb on the left is my original from BITD. Solidisk 2Mhz 128, TurboMMC internal sticking out the back, connected to the Epson MX80, serial port to the "server", Acorn joystick.

The Beeb in the middle is one given to me by a friend a couple of years ago. IFEL RAM/ROM board, TurboMMC, UPURS (TurboMMC and UPURS on a home-made user port switch), RetroClinic Dual-CF adapter.

The Master on the right is one I bought from someone on the StarDot forums. Econet, IFEL 3-OS ROM. I've ordered another TurboMMC board for this.

(In the background is my Linux "server" and disk array; acts as HostFS server; just visible to the right is an EeeBox which acts as a Ubuntu workstation).

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